Sunday, August 2, 2009

bang your head

man, like when's the last time i updated ma blog haha so hey guys, its me.
its 3 in the mornin, and i have to finish downloading a hell lot of songs which my friend ask me to do. um but first i would like to scream out to Aqilah, hopefully she hears it haha "I LOVEE YOUU!! oh-so-much :D" yea that should do it :)

hm, i hate Sundays. Sundays to me, is like the day where i have to go far far away from people i love by the end of the day, which totally sucks. and guess what..its already Sunday =..=

alot has change since the day i had to leave DU, some of the changes really made me happy while others not so. sometimes i feel like skipping my new school and go back to DU just to set things straight, but that is something I'm not capable of.

hmm what else, oh yea i just finished reading slash's autobiography. it's fuckin awsome i tell yah, and most importantly rock n roll..and maybe more drugs haha

yea so i guess thats it for now, i'll try my best to update my blog from time to time. yea so thanks for listening, bye

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

kring kringg

hello yellow

okay tomorrow i will be in Perak, for the debate KAT(kejohanan antara teknik =.=) 2009 national level, i will be away until Wednesday.
there's no way of contacting you guys, no phones, no internets just the teknik school in perak, and the script :(
i wish the holidays are already here, so i can sleep all day and all night, not worrying about school or anything else other than family and friends :) haaa bestnyaa~
haha datang sekolah balik, jeng jeng jeng resultsss!!!
aiyo ama apa :s

alrightt gtg now, i'll talk to you guys next week yah
chow for now ladies and gents, xoxo

Saturday, May 16, 2009


hello there :)
It has been a really long time since i last updated my blog, haha
So here i am, updating.
Im am now at the school's computer lab. I know, this is wrong. Haha but what the hell :p
Guys, this time im not going to be around for two weeks. So, when the hols arrive, we all better go out k? :)
Oh yea, this week i/aku tak bawak phone, haish sosah do tada pon!!
dah la bosan dekat sini, rasa cam nk terjun bangunan pastu naik balik pastu terjun lagi. yea baru la best sikit, sikit je :p haha
ahah k ah, i'll continue when i have the time.
chow for now xoxo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


what if i'm a hamster, hmm thn i can live in those hamster bunglows :D weee


HELLO:) wow its been a long time, hahah ok here it goes.
I... am not studying in smk damansara utama anymore, but in smt shah alam instead. It was really hard and it still is... to know that, youre not gonna see your friends and bestfriends everyday, like you used to, you know what i mean. And the type of people there, they are different, i mean sorry to say but most of them are rempits. Not all, but most of them. I FEEL LIKE SINGING SOS KUAT KUAT SUPAYA ORANG DILUAR SANA DENGAR DAN TOLONG SAYA. hahaha pastu ada la dua orang mamat ni, nama diorang farhan and ikhwan. Farhan dari bangsar and Ikhwan dari kelana jaya. Diorang ni cool~ hahahaha
haih i miss DU, hahahaha. terutama TUESDAYS! hmph well nk buat cmna, its for my future jugak kn, haha ok i guess thats it for now, sorry ah kalau english broken. haha over there tak ramai yang boleh speaking, so agak susah ah hahah. so ok blog you guys later

Monday, February 23, 2009


Today, nothing really interesting happen except, my phone is confiscated by one of the prefects and now with Pn Chong PC. haha YES phone saya kene rampas.. but whatever lah. i can live without a phone, bukannya ada girlfriend nk text, friends? msn ada. bestfriends? phone rumah adaa haha so lek lu sap kok lu k, orait choww bebeh


Saturday, February 21, 2009

farewell, old friend :')


SELAMAT MAJU JAYA aku ucapkan kat kau, janganlah lupa kenangan-kenangan kita selama kita berkenalan. Aku tau kau tu mmg baik, kekdang aku je yg sial ngan kau, haha aku mintak maaf banyak-banyak tau kalau aku ada silap cakap ke apa ke, haha. 

weh , take care diri kau kt sana elok-elok! belajar elok-elok, sembahyang jangan tinggal, JANGAN SESEKALI IKUT CAKAP BUDAK-BUDAK JAHAT SURUH HISAP ROKOK KE, PONTENG CLASS KE, FLY GI MANA-MANA KE. tau! Be someone successful!

haha dont forget to visit us, k

alright, thats all i gotta say for now, till we meet again :')

your old friend, asyrifredza :)